structuralOur engineering department is fully prepared to take on a wide range of the tasks that must be faced during the design and building process. No matter what your engineering needs, we guarantee that you will be glad to have the years of experience and the wealth of knowledge accumulated by our staff. Take a quick glance through our engineering services to determine which are right for your project.

Wind / Seismic Lateral Analysis:
New homes that do not meet the "prescriptive path" for lateral bracing, as described in your local building codes, require a complete lateral analysis by a licensed Professional Engineer. Our expert PE is able to provide thorough analyses for any homes built according to the current IRC and IBC building codes, and has developed a wide array of “builder preferred” design and construction methods which have proven to be very popular with builders and their carpenters.

Retaining Walls:
Living on sloping or uneven terrain can make it necessary to build retaining walls to ensure the stability of the soil, and livability of the property. Many building codes require all walls over 4 feet in height to be designed by a licensed PE. We provide retaining wall designs for foundations as well as landscaping. Our Professional Engineer can design a retaining wall for your property that will not only stand the tests of the land, but also become a pleasant addition to the aesthetics of your terrain.

Manufactured Home Foundation Inspections:
The underwriter for manufactured home loans often requires a certification from a licensed PE that the foundation meets HUD (U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development) compliance. Typically, these are the desirable FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans that offer money savings compared to conventional loans. If you are seeking to obtain one of these high-quality loans for your home financing, Ek Engineering is glad to assist. With one simple call, our Professional Engineer will meet with you at your property site to conduct a thorough inspection of your mobile home’s foundation.

Vertical Load Calculations/ Beam Sizing:
Our knowledgeable engineers can perform vertical (or gravity) load calculations for beams, posts, and footings for various buildings or structures. Also, we can provide truss designs when using a truss manufacturer isn't cost effective or is otherwise inefficient.

Tank Engineering:
Our professional engineer on staff has extensive experience designing precast and other concrete tanks to meet the state and local code’s loading requirements, and has developed  methods to analyze and calculate various concrete reinforcement methods, such as Rebar, Re-Mesh, Fiber, etc..  Some examples of such tanks are: Septic Tanks, Pump Tanks, Water Storage Tanks, Fire Storage Tanks, Etc.

As consulting engineers, our list of provided services is almost endless. If you need the expertise and experience of a licensed and certified Professional Engineer on your side for any project, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.